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The Raleigh Fellows Program

The Raleigh Fellows Program is a nine-month (September-May) Christian leadership development and training program for recent college graduates. Young men and women come together to engage in a program designed to foster a God-centered view of knowledge, culture, work, and life. Fellows receive theological training, participate in seminars with theological and community leaders, and enjoy one-on-one mentoring relationships with mature Christian men and women. Fellows apply their training as they minister in the marketplace through an individualized internship and in the church through youth ministry.

The Church of the Apostles, the church that founded and supports the Fellows program, is a thriving community of believers located in beautiful North Hills in Raleigh, North Carolina. Apostles is centrally located within 25 minutes of NC State, Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill. Raleigh is a short drive from many beaches and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was recently voted one of the best places to live and work in the nation by Money, Fortune, and Time magazines, and is also one of the top 10 cities to start a career.


Raleigh Fellows Mission Statement:

The Raleigh Fellows program offers recent college graduates an opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of who they are called to be in Christ and teaches them how to advance God’s kingdom in their future vocation. As members of a community of believers that are “in the world but not of the world,”  we seek both to understand the relevance of Christ to our culture and to develop an appreciation of the redemptive and transformative power of Christ in our time.



The Fellows Program is a smaller community within the fabric of Church of the Apostles. Fellows come together in study, work and service to think through how to live out a seamless life of faith in Christ. A family in the church community hosts each Fellow, allowing him or her to experience life with people who are striving to serve Christ in the midst of their own challenges, joys and failures. Fellows are served by the church body in this way, but serve it in return by assisting in the youth ministry, thereby providing each fellow with an experiential view of a church in motion.

Fellows share weekly meals together in a gathering known and celebrated as “Roundtable,” dedicated to life-giving fellowship and authentic conversations. Fellows share the testimonies, callings, and convictions. Through meaningful dialogue, they explore current events and modern day issues through the lens of Biblical principles and Christian teachings. The Fellows community is deeply committed to fellowship through prayer, accountability, and study of the Word. Often, the friendships forged within this community last a lifetime.


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Fellows will take the following courses:

  • World View Seminar

  • Theology Course/Overview of the Bible

  • Intro to Family Systems Theory

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Inductive Bible Study

Fellows also participate in an intensive career, calling and vocational assessment, along with other practical seminars throughout the year.


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The Fellows Program assists each Fellow in obtaining a part-time, paid professional position in an area of interest: business, law, medicine, education, youth work, etc. These marketplace internships allow Fellows the opportunity to apply biblical principles in the workplace. Working combines practical experience with the personal exploration of day-to-day issues of faith. It gives young people a framework for viewing their work through God’s eyes.