Meet the Fellows


Yu Huang "Matty" Chen

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Hometown | Born in Chengdu, China, from Sydney, Australia

College | University of New South Wales, Sydney (3 years) University of Virginia, Charlottesville (1 year)

Interests | Playing/watching/talking about basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Table Tennis, Cars, Friends, Coffee!

Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? Because I need to learn more about my faith and how to live out my calling. Because I want to be working in a place where vocation is God-oriented. Because I wish to grow in a Christ-filled community of like-minded and similar aged people!

  Host Family | Shea & Julie Tisdale

  Mentor | Chris Byron

  Internship | TCAP

Carryl Tinsley

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Hometown | Wilmington, NC

College | Furman University

Interests | photography, crafting, the beach, blogging, eno-ing, cheering for the tarheels

Why do you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I really like the Fellows motto of Start Well, and I think that defines why I want to be a Fellow. After four years of the chaos of college, I think this year will be important for me to step back and breathe, taking time to really listen to what the Lord has for me next. Having just graduated in May, I want my foundation to be in Christ as I move forward in the "real world," and I think Fellows will help me really live into the person I've been called to be. 

  Host Family | Derick & Spencer Daniel 

  Mentor | Barbara Lewis

  Internship | StepUp Ministry

Zach Kunkel

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Hometown | Born in Houston, Texas but from Apex, NC

College | NC State University

Interests | I love adventures. I've been on multiple road trips in my life. One to Utah, one to Texas, one to jump in all the Great Lakes, one to New Orleans and many more. I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, and 'splorin. I also love sports. NC State sports and the Houston Texans to watch and I love playing spikeball and ultimate frisbee. I lastly love games. Card games, board games, game games; you name it. I'm your man. I can be competitive if need be but am in it for the fun times.

Why do you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? Honestly, when I truly understood what the program consisted of and what I would learn, it was a no brainer. I want to learn what it looks like to be a person who loves the Lord and who is working in the corporate work place. I want to see what skills I've been equipped with and see how I can play a small part in God's huge story. I want to see how a Father who loves the Lord leads his family, his kids, and treats his wife (I didn't grow up in a Christian home).  I'm mostly looking forward to having a stronger foundation of who I am and who God is.

Host Family | Mark & Mona Hall

Mentor | Dale Armstrong

Internship | Capstrat 

Richie Rojas

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Hometown | Houston, TX

College | Grand Canyon University

Interests | random road trips and exploring new things, cooking/baking, movie nights with friends

Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I want to be a Fellow because I seek to develop strong foundations in my faith, expand my view of ministry and leadership skills, and consistently step out of comfort zones towards Christ.

Host Family | Bryon & Stacy Boulton 

  Mentor | Bruce Berger

  Internship | StepUp Ministry

Jessie Nordstrom

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Hometown | Williston, TN

College | Auburn University

Interests | Hiking, reading, sports, coffee, hammocking, cooking/baking, movies, running

Why do you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? After living in Spain and spending lots of time with non-Christians, I realized I wanted to increase my knowledge of the Word and really go back to the basics of my faith to prepare myself to better share with my lost friends. I applied to Raleigh because I wanted to be in North Carolina and ultimately chose Raleigh because I believe the program best suits my goals for this year.

  Host Family | Michael & Tal Mangum 

  Mentor | Terri Shell

Stephen Sumrall

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Hometown | Denham Springs, Louisiana

College | LeTourneau University

Interests | I love to build/fix anything and everything and I dabble in a little ultimate frisbee for a break. 

Why do you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I want to be a Raleigh fellow because I want to start the next stage of my life with a strong church community and a focus on serving that community. I don’t know Raleigh yet, but it seems like a fascinating city with compassionate people.

Host Family | Jim & Janet Whited

  Mentor | Eric Bolash

  Internship | i-2-m

Mariah Woodbury

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Hometown | Wilmington, NC

College | Davidson College

Interests | Boating, any activity near the water, soaking up the sun, cooking, traveling, exercising, spending time with friends

Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I want to be a Raleigh Fellow because I want to become more equipped to serve God and those around me. I want to continue to build my faith and learn more about what it means to work for the His Kingdom. I am so excited to be surrounded by people who are serving God and sharing their gifts and talents with others.

  Host Family | Matt & Marilyn Young

  Mentor | Meg Bach 

  Internship | Impact Orthopedics

Emily Gebbie

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Hometown | Greensboro, NC

College | UNC-Chapel Hill

Interests | I love distance running and cheering on the Tar Heels! 

Why you want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I want to be a Raleigh Fellow because I am considering law school, and am excited to better understand this career option and its intersection with the Lord’s work. 

Host Family | Eric & Robin Bolash

Mentor | Anne Armstrong

  Internship | Church of the Apostles Youth

McKenzie Wilson

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Hometown | Spartanburg, SC

College | Clemson University 

Interests | My hobbies and interests include (but are not limited to) drinking, back porch sitting, outdoor adventuring, ultimate frisbee-ing, and real life chatting. 

Why I want to be a Raleigh Fellow? I believe that being a fellow would help me discern how to use the gifts and talents I’ve been given to serve the Lord in a job. I believe that the community would be a great place to grow and learn more about myself and to learn how to better care deeply for those around me. I believe that it will teach me the importance and value in investing deeply in a church, as well helping me know what I believe and why I believe it, allowing me to defend my faith while living in a secular world.

Host Family | Chris & Pauline Byron

Mentor | Harriet Nowell 

Internship | Note in the Pocket