It feels strange to be reflecting on (over) the first half of the program. I've refused to really believe we are in the second and final semester until this week. During our mid-year retreat, I continually kept saying that we were going to start the second semester, not that we were already in it, but rather that it was about to start. However, now that it is January 13th, and we have finished a full week of classes and work, I can say that we are undeniably in the second semester: over halfway there. 

I can say that looking back I had a vision on how last semester was going to go. (Over) halfway through the year, I was about half right:

  • I expected the other fellows to be fun, but did not expect them to be so authentic and real and challenge me to grow as they do.
  • I expected Ashley to be cool, but I definitely did not expect her to start impromptu dance parties and convince us to staying at her house and chat with her after round table until 1 or 2 am.
  • I expected to work in the field of law...well that one was just wrong. I did not expect for the Lord to both challenge and encourage me as I challenge and encourage middle and high school students to pursue him. 

Looking forward, it would be a lie to say that I don't have expectations for this second semester. However, if I have learned anything from this (over) half of the program, it's that while I write the rough draft, God writes the final copy. And honestly, it's more exciting that way. There are plot twists and surprises and new characters that enter, and ultimately it is infinitely better than anything we could ask or imagine. 

So here's to second semester. I've got a rough draft, but I can't wait and see how the published work is going to turn out.