I've kept a prayer journal ever since the first day I started following Christ. Every now and then I enjoy reading the entries from years ago to remember what I was going through and to see the Lord's faithfulness. 

Around this time last year, according to my journal entry, I was praying through what to do after graduation. The Fellows program was on my mind, but I really had no other ideas for what 2017 may hold. Throughout last fall I remember feeling more and more of a call to go to Raleigh and to do exactly what I am currently doing. 

I've been telling people for the past week how content I am here. I am content in my job, with my new friends, with my mentor, in my home, in Raleigh. Everything feels right. I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be, doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel like I'm in the Lord's will. 

I am normally a peaceful person, but I have never felt so much peace before in my life. Maybe it's because for the first time ever I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, and I chose to keep my hands open to the Lord. I know the only reason I'm here is because he put me here. He has blessed my surrender to him. 

It's a good thing to be content. For me, though, I'm scared of sitting too comfortably in it. If there's anything I've felt the Lord teaching me this year, it's that there is more. The more space I offer him in my life, the more he's going to come in. He will never be finished filling me with himself. 

So I'm content, and I'm incredibly thankful for that. But I know that my cup is not meant to simply be filled, it's meant to overflow. Lord, I pray I can give you all the space I have in my life so that your fullness may dwell in me. 

- Elaina