Every day, during most hours, in pretty much all moments, I am surrounded by the most incredible women. Unexpectedly, being a fellow has given me countless opportunities to learn from many amazing women of God in all walks of life. Whether it is directly through the Fellows Program, at church, at work, or at home, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much these women willingly offer me. I would not have thought to specifically seek out this aspect of the program but now it seems so crucial. I knew that there would be inspiring people in all the various Fellows programs around the country, but I am confident that God specifically had these women in mind for me and my current stage in life. It was time for me to have some older, wiser friends whose lives do not operate like mine.

One woman in particular, one of my co-workers, Linda, has been an absolute joy for me to work with. She arrives at work by 6:00am every Monday through Thursday, and when I arrive an hour later she is already playing music, enjoying herself, and efficiently completing tasks. She comforts me in a way that I did not anticipate needing, and I find her very trustworthy. I know that I can go to her if I need something and that she will listen to me. Over time I have learned that she is a fun, vivacious wife and mother, and I find myself encouraged by the way that she has befriended me despite our 47-year age gap. I am very thankful for this Godly influence at work. I am only excited to see her continue her work and to get to know her better. She walks humbly (with a little bit of fun sass!) and I am thankful for the influence she has had on my time at Note in the Pocket. I look forward to joining her in the early morning! Thank you, Linda, for your friendship. I hope to be more like you when I grow up.

I also hope to be more like Ashley Crutchfield, Marilyn Young, Janet Whited, Pauline Byron, Tal Mangum, Dallas Bonavita, Michele Boyce and SO many more as I continue to grow. Thank you for everything, I am so inspired by my relationships with you all.  

These women rule! Go meet them!  

XO Rachel