November came and went way too fast for my liking. Hence why I am writing this post in December… Although the month flew by, it was chock-full of events, learning, growing, challenge, questions, running, sitting, listening, and talking. Here’s a quick breakdown:

·      Work – It’s finally picking up. Some, at least. I’m still not interested in becoming a lawyer (in case any of yall were wondering out there). However, I’ve started to get more tasks, and tasks that really seem to “lighten the load” on the rest of the firm and actually seem to be helping the process in tangible ways. Now this isn’t always, but it is an improvement.

·      Class – Remember the days when you enjoyed class? Ok, maybe not, and I’m just weird like that. But really, I truly am enjoying class here in the program. And not just one or two, but them all. The conversations and even the readings have spurred so much thought and reflection that has so interesting coincided with things going on in life and in the Fellows. Learning is fun again; and practical.

·      Family – Y’all my host family rocks. I get to live with 8 other phenomenal humans, of all ages too. They all have such awesome characteristics and I have loved getting to know them. As busy as I am a Fellow, they are just as busy, if not more sometimes! 9 people in one house makes for a lots of moving parts, lots of commitments, and lots of catching up to do at the dinner table!

·      Mentor – Brad McGinity. I’m lucky to know him. He may not know it or think it, but he has imparted loads of wisdom to me (hopefully I am retaining it all). He is yet another example that takes time out of his crazy busy life to invest in me. I never thought that I would gain so much insight on life while eating a bagel at Panera. Really though; Brad is awesome and I’m really looking forward to more time with him and how he continually stretches me. He has a certain knack for picking into my brain and getting more out than I knew was there.

·      Church – If you are ever in Raleigh, you need to check out Church of the Apostles. If you live in Raleigh, please come to church with me and let me talk with you about how great this body of believers really is.

·      Fellows – These people may not have known what they were getting themselves into when they said yes to this thing. I sure didn’t have it all figured out. But this has been one special treat to have them to live with, learn with, fail with, serve with, question with, get in the sauna with, eat with, work out with, pray with, dance with, cry with, join hands with, watch Stranger Things with, cook with, play games with, and be with. Calley, Chris, Dalton, Dan, Elaina, Emilee, Faith, Hayes, Katie, Rachel, and of course, Sam and Ashley; Here’s to you and every way you help make our community full.