Three weeks into the Fellows program I am often reminded of a question that most have faced at least once in their life: "What's next?" On the surface, when I evaluate my current situation in Raleigh, I think to myself, "Great, Hayes, you have simply prolonged the inevitable" Eventually I am going to have to put a foot in the career path, pay for my own rent, and "grow up." Why delay what is assuredly to come? When I told a friend last year that he too should consider a Fellows Program he said, "Is that really going to be the best use of my time?" At first I was hurt when I heard this, but then quickly realized the answer to his question; no it will not be the best used of your time, not from a worldly standard. From the world's perspective what we are doing is a bit ridiculous: discerning this thing called "vocation", spending time in "Christ centered community" and pursuing youth for the sake of the Gospel will assuredly not accelerate one's career, or lead to quick riches. In an age that is about efficiency and success the Fellows Program without a doubt could be seen as a tremendous waste of time. Yet, for those who call themselves disciples, we are in a relationship with an ageless God, the creator and giver of time, who wants our hearts far more than our productivity; his call is to abide. As a Christian I am beginning to see the beauty, freedom, and gift that is the "inefficiency" of this year long program. Life in Christ is not about the most success in the least amount of time, but rather it is about investing in and pursuing  a lifelong relationship with the Lord Jesus. I am so grateful that through the Raleigh Fellows I am encouraged to pursue this as the foundation for whatever the future hold, this time is truly a gift. I have found that this program seeks to cause recent grads to establish their work, relationships and very selves on God's love for us that was demonstrated on the cross.  Perhaps this moment in Raleigh is not a waste of time after all, but the very best use of the days that God has given us. On day 20 of the program I am so thankful to have the opportunity to waste time getting to know the Lord on a deeper level in a wonderful community.