While the months dwindle down for the Raleigh Fellows to come to a close, the nostalgia is starting to trickle its way in.

Last Thursday at Round Table we went around the table and said the things we have been grateful for so we wouldn’t pass them by in this season of looking forward to what is next. Here is a low quality video that gives a sneak peak into the last two months and the start of 2019 with some classic iMovie theme music that replays over and over to match. This video captures the small and big moments that have made my heart sing and my belly fill with laughter. Don’t be deterred by the pixelated images or the ones that simply got cut off, we all have humble beginnings.

Including but not limited to: Deltaville home of the sunsets, music videos, attempted athleticism, Monopoly Deal, house hunting, teeth chipping at the YMCA, UNC visits, brunch bunches, clean eating (Taco Bell and McDonald regulars), park sitting, coffee shop going, sickness spreading, Statesville hometown dates, Rachel doing the worm, Windy Gap axe-throwing photo-shoots, writing love letters to ourselves and always always dancing whether it seems appropriate or not.

All the love,


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