I’m a dreamer.  I love coming up with ideas that are usually ridiculous.  When I was little I wanted to be a famous musician. Then when I got to college I realized that I mainly wanted to help people.  From that dream, I fell into aspirations of money, fame, and owning a lot of land. I have ideas all the time of what I want to accomplish or gain.  I still have some of these dreams but lately they have led me to a different thought. What if I accomplished them? What would that be like? What would be the fulfillment brought on by having a lot of money?  Where does Jesus fit in to this? I mean being debt free would be nice. (talking to you student loans) I do not think money is the true answer to fulfillment though. I was happy in college when I lived in a house that should have been condemned with four other guys and two dogs.  

It is fun to dream.  It takes us away from reality.  It takes us away from how boring life is sometimes to be honest.  But what does God say about our aspirations? I think he loves them. And he wants us to really shoot for the stars. (Mark 11:23)  But mainly he wants to be the center of them. When I used to hear that I would kind of sigh and think, “but I want to have a fun life.”  

This is something a lot of people can become confused on.  We hear that God wants to be involved in every part of our life and think of him as a helicopter parent.  But I do not think that is who God is. I think he just wants us to trust our dreams to him so he can use them. (Proverbs 3:6)  

Jesus wants in on our dreams.  He is active and transformational in our dreams and aspirations.  We will find ourselves doing things that we didn't know we would ever do because of him.  We will find fulfillment in leading a bible study of middle school boys (something only those who have the blessing of patience should endure) or even donate thousands of dollars to a ministry we will never see the fruit of ourselves.  (Side note I am still fundraising for fellows.) (Romans 12:2) These acts and desires are crazy and without Jesus in the center of them, they will leave you empty. God is an all in kind of God that moves in and takes over. There is no halfway.

So I'm living with the hope that one of these dreams will stick.  Laying them at the feet of Jesus, and watching him mess my life up, as only he truly can.