This past month we got to go on our very own silent retreat with our Spiritual Formation teacher, and it was incredible. To have peace, stillness and quiet be a built in part of our schedule was both restorative and refreshing; it truly brought life and rest to my soul. A lack of rest seems to be a theme in pretty much everyone’s lives, but having a full day to truly be able to do so reminded me of how important it is, even though I often don’t make it a priority. Being able to rest allows me to be more fully present in my own life and others, and honestly at the end of the day, that’s all I want. I want to be present with myself, my friends and the Lord, and to not waste a single breath that I am given.

As Fellows is coming to an end, that is a mantra that I want to hold firmly and tenderly close to my heart, because otherwise, it will be only too easy to wish away the rest of this season of life for the next. It would be so easy to let thoughts of a job, travel, and PA school consume me rather than enjoying the time that I have with the people who are with me right now, so I’m going to fight as fiercely as I can for the present rather than the future. The future has a place in my thoughts and plans, but the present is what should consume me, for it is what I can be a part of and change right now!

So, here’s to the last month and a half of Fellows, and to living fully into it.