One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, has a saying “ I guess I just haven’t learned that yet” that she introduced into her life as she approached a new beginning. Instead of saying “I must be dumb”, “I’m failing”, or “what’s wrong with me” she started to see new beginnings as an opportunity to be a learner again. Moving to Raleigh has been so exciting because of new places, new friendships, new roles, new experiences…. the list of new and different could go on forever. With this I have felt the Lord whisper time and time again “ Krista give yourself some grace in the in-between, learn the unforced rhythms of grace” . I have been reminded of this phrase “I guess I just haven’t learned that yet” as I approach situations or people that are new. The Lord is revealing to me all I still have to learn about giving myself grace and how I have struggled for so long with allowing myself to receive his grace he so freely gives. I am learning to have a posture of willingness to grow, to be wrong, to be uncertain, to be brave enough to believe new things and leave some things behind, no longer true or useful.

Although!!!!!! Something I have learned in the past month is that these 10 other fellows are so cool….

Tim- your quiet servant heart doesn’t go unnoticed

Austin- you bring so much joy to others

Berkley- you invite people in so well

Anna- you are so genuine and real

Landon- you are bold and your story is so impactful

Jack- you take time to truly listen

Alex- you are thoughtful and your care for others so well

Adelaide- you actively pursue loving others and it shows

Martha Anne- you speak so much truth into the people around you

Emme- I can't help but smile when I see you

I could cry I love them so much!!!!! also I have learned that Raleigh has so many trees and it makes me love this city so much more.

-Krista Baker