I started this blog post at least 3 different ways. However, I think for a reflection on the month of November, the best way is to simply take a moment to simply say I’m grateful.  Grateful for so many things in the Fellows program, for the blessings of the past few months, anticipated and unanticipated.

I am simply grateful for:  

 My wonderful fellow-mates. I am so grateful for each and every one of them. For Kenz, and her ability to ask the exact right question to get at the very heart of the matter. For Jessie and her quiet and sincere way that you know she is really listening and hearing what you say. For Carryl and her compassionate heart that makes you feel oh so loved. For Mariah and her authenticity that she brings to relationships. For Stephen and how he is intentional with everything he does. For Matt and his passion for truth and righteousness. For Zach and the way he brings laughter and fun into any situation.  For Richie and his joy in serving others, especially by cooking delicious food.

 My host host family, the Bolashes. They love me and care for me so well. From cooking delicious food every Tuesday night for family dinner, to educating me on the joys of Gilmore Girls and Stranger Things. They really have taken me in as one of their own this year.

My job as the youth ministry intern.  The most unexpected gift of all. I have the honor of mentoring middle and high school girls as my job this year, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have these young women in my life and it’s an honor to get to know them.