What’s up Friends and Family!

We are now officially two months into the program and there have been some solid takeaways thus far. First, I need to start with the past though. For the past 5 years of my life I wasn’t engulfed in christian community the way that I am right now. I knew it was going to be an adjustment for me to learn and understand what it looks like to live and grow with my new brothers and sisters. At first we were in the “honeymoon” stage where the newness of these relationships was one of the most refreshing experiences of my life. I loved the new friends and how much everyone had one main purpose, which was to push each other closer to the lord. I was also caught off guard in how encouraging and loving this community was. I had never experienced the love of Christ routed in these type of friendships before.

As we begin to exit the “honeymoon” phase, I am beginning to have another overwhelming feeling. At first I was worried that it would take me awhile to be my full self and be vulnerable in these new relationships. However I am feeling the opposite. I am finally beginning to open up and be comfortable in who god created me to be and the way I can best love these other fellows, youth group juniors and seniors, my host family, colleagues and mentors. It is shocking for me to see how blessed I am to have people around me who care so deeply and want to see me develop into the man that I want to be.

As this journey continues I ask for your continued prayers and support. I ask for prayer for my fellow fellows, my career at 15Five, my mentors, and my host family. The main thing that I ask for is continued prayer for my heart/mind as I continue to invite the lord in.

Thank you so much for the financial support and love that everyone has showed me throughout this experience.

Chill Nice till next time,