I think there is something to be said about friendship. In just knowing that one friend can completely change everything. To feel seen, known, and loved does something to us. A prayer for awhile now has been just that;  deep, intimate, hard, and real friendship with believers. It was also a big reason why I wanted to do a Fellow’s program in the first place. Community.

From the initial phone call with Kara Smith to talking to Ashley on the phone (a lot), I got the simplest taste of what Christian community COULD look like, however I had far too many reservations. Was it legit? I know it could be deep and cherished, but could it actually be…. fun?

In a little shy of my one month here I now laugh at that. Laugh at my prayers of asking the Lord to establish at least ONE friendship quickly and laugh at myself that I prayed so hard for the Lord to help me feel comfortable around groups of Christian’s, because I never had really been around any before. I also prayed for my guard not to go up but instead to trust in them. I laugh not because my prayer’s are wrong or that I shouldn’t share even what seems to be the tiniest of my desire’s to the Lord, but because the Lord continues to show me He is who He is. He is trustworthy. He is Provider. It is simply in His nature, it is also His joy in doing so. He is a God who knows the importance of friendship and community. He knew my reservations and so quickly showed me that He provides so much more than I could have ever hoped for. The past month has been filled with deep and quick friendships (praise God), comfort, so many giggles, and meaning. Thank God that He has abundantly more for us than we can ever hope and dream of.

I am thankful for the Spirit led and Christ driven people I have met in the past month. You guys have been reassuring, loving, dependable, bold, fun, and the absolute biggest answer to a long prayer of mine.

Emilee Grissom