by Faith Dunn

The last month has been stacked with transition, new everything, stress, and all other stretching things, so I am surprised to look back and not think, “I don’t know how I got through that but I am glad it’s over,” as I typically do in such stretching seasons.  

Throughout the past month I have felt so covered in prayer and reminded of truth. People telling me to take it one day at a time, people looking into my eyes (and I think into my soul) and asking me how I am doing. People encouraging to press into my identity as Christ’s creation. My host family having a conversation with me when I walk in the door.

This is not how I usually live in a busy season. Usually I rush from one thing to the next, pick up Chick-fil-A along the way, note all the travel coffee mugs that need to be washed at some point, and feel guilty that I didn’t make time to truly connect with my loved ones, hoping that a season will come soon when it comes more naturally.

I have laughed more than I can ever remember, and been refreshed watching busy, important people prioritize solitude with the Lord, a meal with family and/or friends, exercise that strengthens the body and refreshes the mind, hours of prayer, game nights that let you lose track of time, a night of worship, a simple night at home. These are the things that I used to consider luxuries that I have now observed to be immeasurably life giving.

As friends are starting to think about what they will do after graduation, they have started to ask me about Raleigh Fellows. I can’t exactly articulate what I love. Sure, the classes are great, I love my job, and volunteering at Neighbor 2 Neighbor is incredible. But there is something deeply soul nourishing about this program, this church, and the people I am surrounded by, and each day is like a little massage on my chronically hurried soul.